Laser Marking

You can order your track panels with your own logo.

We use LASER marking.
You can order your track panels with your own logo and recycling logo.
We use LASER marking to brand the plates. Previously, logos and texts on track panels were made with CNC. It worked and was the preferred tool, but when material is removed, a slight weakening of the product occurs. This problem does not exist with laser marking, as it only burns off the top outer layer of the panels.

The process is as follows:

Requirements for your files
Logos must be provided in as high resolution as possible. Vector files are ideal for quick and easy export of the right file types. All files imported into the laser software are BLACK/WHITE 2-tone.

Simple logos are preferred, 1-2 lines and not too many extra lines/boxes. The simpler the logo, the larger the print can be.

If you have doubts, questions, or want a quote, please contact us: