Green Production

At Danrec, we constantly focus on minimizing environmental impact throughout our production, both locally and broadly, from start to finish. This includes:


We only accept 100% recycled plastic granulate from our raw material suppliers, all of whom are located in Europe. 95% of the plastic comes from European households and the rest is industrial waste plastic.


We have many years of experience in using recycled plastic in industrial production.


By using recycled plastic, the emission of CO2 is significantly reduced compared to using new goods, and it helps strengthen the circular economy. We are happy to buy back driving plates regardless of condition at 25% of the material value (current raw material price at the time of repurchase).

Ongoing optimization

We continuously explore new ways to optimize our processes with a view to greener transitions.

This includes conducting tests and experiments on our own and in collaboration with third-party firms that possess knowledge that can optimize our production.

You can read more about our sustainability efforts and results in Danrec’s ESG report here: