Our Factory

Management at DANREC A/S is focused on minimizing environmental impact during protecion of the company's products as well as production impact in and around our company. Our production follows the following principles.

-> When we purchase raw materials, only 100% pure recycled plastic is accepted.
-> All plastic sheets are produced at DANREC A/S in Denmark and made of 100% recycled plastic.
-> All plastic waste created during production of a sheet is recycled and used in later production.
-> Other waste types from production lines is sorted for recycling, including wood, paper, iron etc.

The above focus provides us with the following result. In 2021 a saving of 10,000,000 kg Co2 compared to the same production volume with new virgin plastics.

At DANREC A/S, we are constantly looking at new ways to optimize our processes with a greener and more optimal production in mind. This includes tests and trials, as well as contact to 3rd party companies that may be able to share knowledge for future optimizations of our production lines.


We must include everyone in the green transition to plastics as well.

We have become good at sorting waste, but we must prioritize the entire value chain and the approach to recycled plastic, so that we can avoid plastic ending up in incineration.

Henrik Immerkær Ohm .


At DANREC A/S, there must be a place for everyone, and we believe that the best way to run a business is to give our employees a healthy and safe workplace, with room for personal principles, differences and opinions.

-> When hiring and writing a contract, we follow the current legislation.
-> New employees can get the necessary qualifications needed to do their job. e.g. forklife cetificates.
-> Discrimination is NOT allowed in the wordplace, religion, race, age and gender must be respected.
-> We do not allow or endorse any kind of child labor.