DANREC produces ground protection mats
made of 100% recycled plastic

At DANREC, we produce ground protection mats and smooth plates made of 100% recycled plastic. There are many advantages to plastic plates – among other things, they have a high load capacity, are slip-resistant, have long durability, and weigh far less than steel plates and wooden boards. If they break, they can always be melted down into new plates again, so the circularity of the product is 100%. We use recycled plastic in our entire production, and all driving plates and smooth plates are made of 100% LDPE recycled plastic, which has a significantly smaller CO2 footprint than new plastic plates.


All our plates can withstand high loads, are slip-resistant, resistant to liquids and chemicals, and have long durability.


The GP mats are used on construction sites, as temporary walkways, driveways, substrate protection, etc., and the smooth plates are used in barns, as wall protection, or are further processed into feed boxes and crates.


Our range of ground protection mats and smooth plates is large and can be delivered in many different sizes and thicknesses tailored to the individual task.

GROUND PROTECTION MATS made of 100% recycled plastic ⟶

DAN-Board plates are easy to handle and clean, they can be used for a multitude of purposes in many sectors and industries.
All our plates are made of 100% recycled plastic. They are resistant to mechanical loads and pressure and have good wear resistance. They are resistant to water, most chemicals, and bioorganic liquids.
The plates are available in many different sizes and colors, and we always have a large number of plates in stock for immediate delivery. We also manufacture plates in size and color according to your wishes, with the option to choose handles, connection holes, and custom-designed logos.


DANREC A/S was founded in 1992, where the company worked with plastic waste treatment. That production was closed in the early 2000s, after which we began a small production of smooth plastic plates made of 100% recycled plastic.

With the introduction of the driving plate in the mid-2010s, the development of DANREC began to take off, and today we are among the leading manufacturers of ground protection mats in Europe.

The environment and surroundings have always meant a lot to us, and therefore we only use recycled plastic in production. We work every day to reduce our waste amounts, and soon we will also have our own solar park of over 16,000 m2 at our factory in Karup.

For you who choose green ⟶

We are constantly working to minimize the environmental impact in connection with the production of our products. Our machines are always set to optimal efficiency to make the process as gentle on the environment as possible, and we are continuously looking for new ways to optimize our processes – with a view to greener transformation. Read more about our environmental policy and see our ESG report here:

How can we help you?

We are very focused on providing support to our large dealer network. This includes, among other things, information and marketing materials, which you can download directly here on the website. As a customer at DANREC, you also have your regular Key Account contact, who is always ready to help you with your questions and requests regarding DAN-board plates and accessories. DAN-board sheets and accessories.