The green choice

DAN-Board Xtreme

- Enhanced Rough Texture
- Improved grip and slip resistance
- Maximum durability
- High carrying capacity and a long service life
- Many applications
- Possibility of Laser logo

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The Company

Danrec A/S was founded in 1992 and even then was a pioneer in the treatment and processing of recycled plastics. Even today we are a leader in this field and are among the few companies that have the equipment and expertise to process recycled plastics and manufacture plastic sheets with a variety of uses.

We produce DAN-Board plastic plates for various applications. Therefore our customers can be found among others in the fields farming and livestock equipment, gardening and landscaping, building construction, packaging and construction.

A World of Plastic

We use plastic for an incredible number of things in everyday life. Sockets, wires, keyboards, packaging and an incredible number of other things. Plastic is a very important and durable material in modern society, and we will hardly be able to find a replacement for many decades to come.

About plastic being a source of great pollution is not about the product itself, but the way people handle and discard it. It must be recycled. At DANREC, we produce plastic sheets from 100% recycled plastic.

In 2021, DANREC have saved the environment more than 6,2 million kg of CO2 that year alone. There is a saving of 1,3kg CO2 per. 1kg of recycled plastic used in production rather than newly produced plastic.

At DANREC, we use up to 24 tons of recycled plastic on a daily basis and have just expanded with a third production line in 2021.

There is no reason not to support the environment with our environmentally conscious products. They have the same high quality as other products and reduce CO2 compared to new plastic creations, while still being sold at the same low price.

Order Process

We constantly work hard to optimise our production flow and production lines to best serve our customers needs and wishes.



Send us an email or call one of our key account managers / the main office.



We are always ready to help figure out which of our products is the right one for your project.



The order is created in our system, with your specific measurements, amounts and so on.



We will start production of your GP mats or plain sheets as soon as there an avaliable spot.



Pickup and delivery can be arranged by yourself or with one of our logistic partners.

What we do

Our Products

We manufacture and sell high-quality DAN-Board LDPE plastic sheets, of sorted and cleaned plastic granules, which means that all our plastic sheets / Ground protection mats are made of 100% recycled plastic.

The plates are resistant to mechanical loads and pressure and have a good wear resistance. They also have a high resistance to water, chemicals and bio-organic liquids.

DAN-Board plastic sheets are easy to handle, process and clean. As such they are suitable for various applications in different sectors and industries.

We can offer DAN-Board boards in different sizes and colors and we always have a large quantity of boards in stock for immediate delivery. We also manufacture plates in size and color as desired, with the option to choose handles and assembly holes yourself, with the possibility of custom logo. In addition, we have assembling items, hooks for pickup and transport racks.

There are many benefits in using plastic sheets. They weigh much less than steel plates and they provide sufficient load-bearing capacity for the various tasks, while having a long-lasting durability and can be remelted and shaped at much lower temperatures than steel.

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