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At DANREC, we have decided to make it a little easier for our customers. Which is why we have created this page with a wealth of content such as new data sheets, leaflets, files with measurements and images. All material found on this page can be used freely for your own sales materials and presentations. ​

However, we do advise our customers to rewrite texts you want to use for the web, this is mainly to avoid encountering problems with external duplicate content which can cause a misconception of the content and make it difficult for google to find the right context. ​

​It is also possible to contact us if there is a need or desire for a helping hand with the procurement of new materials. ​

​Find and download the desired images below. ​


Protection Mats PDF

Xtreme GP Mats PDF

Plain sheets PDF

DANREC leaflet 2022

Plast connector

Handle connector

U connector




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